Portrait by Hien Pham

My name is Ruqiyah [ruh-key-yah]
I am an australian solo game developer
making narrative games about messy relationships


Amarantus is a visual novel about trainwrecks, trysts & treason, releasing in 2023.


Award-nominated interactive fiction and visual novels


Talks on visual novel design and "personal games"


if not us

Interactive fiction anthology
Twine, Inform 7

if not us follows five heroes at the end of a quest to save the world.
five stories, five alternate timelines, five final survivors, in a meditation on grief and duty and debt.

sort of like if you made Watchmen a D&D party of fantasy world saviours instead of superheroes...one of the best text-based games I found in the Itch.io Racial Justice Bundle.

Players are looking at a bizarre broken section of time, where each hero has their own timeline to fulfill but to us we have all of them to discover the past that they wish to leave buried...this is their life, and life rarely has clean and complete solutions to their mysteries.

first date/can't relate

rom-com visual novel

Pick your character + your date for the day. Mix and match your favourite romantic dynamics - flirty millionaire meets never-been-kissed? single parent meets university delinquent?
Nine first dates around Canberra, Australia, endless opportunities for disaster, and a gentle tribute to unconditional love and patient, playful romance.

Academic Pursuits (As Opposed To Regular Pursuits)

office-moving-in simulator
Inform 7

Four cardboard boxes stacked in the centre of a bare office. You can't leave til they're all unpacked, and there's an awful lot to unpack here, including emotional baggage, academic misconduct, and a blood feud spanning centuries.

Placed 27th out of 103 total entries in the 26th annual Interactive Fiction Competition (2020).

a very smooth, very well-polished, bite-sized parser game that takes a fairly simple scheme and executes it wonderfully. The only thing I didn’t like about Academic Pursuits is that there isn’t more of it.

Oh, this one’s delicious. I think this is the first time in this year’s Comp that I’ve laughed out loud with delight.

My Lil Fanfic

terrible erotic/self-insert fanfiction writing simulator

It's the early noughties, you're on fanfiction dot net, and it is time to boot up Notepad and smash out some truly terrible erotic (18+ version only) or self-insert (family friendly version) fanfiction for an eager and adoring public.

Little games

And you be happy there

point n click

yours truly, yeti

visual novel

predicated text

interactive fiction

All That We Could Ever Be

interactive fiction


Teaching players how to play your visual novel
Visual;Conference 2020

It’s easy to assume players know exactly how to play a visual novel, but if we take a step back, there’s a lot of important things we need a player to know before they begin – "how should I make choices?”,“what impact will my choices have on the narrative?”, and “am I meant to get every ending?”.

Writing for skip-reading
Visual;Conference 2019

How does the skip-read function change the nature of a VN? How can we write so that the player’s experience can be preserved, even when they’re skipping through a game?

You know that thing you like? Apparently you can just put it in your game
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